Hey you. Yes, you.

You’re fucking awesome, you know that? From your toes to your crown, you are awesome. You’ve survived everything in your life – all the trials and challenges, all the bullshit, all the times you wanted to give up, and here you are. This is it. The last day of Write 31 Days, 2017. You made it. I didn’t make it, but you did.

Virtual high-fives for everyone, and especially these people:
Coffee Snob, who refuses to be caged for her own protection.
Julie from 300 Rejections, who is seriously my hero.
Elizabeth, who is a real lightweight.
Leann, who makes sure that some days there’s pie.
Linda, who goes from roses to rainbows.
Beverly who is getting out of a 45 year rut.
June, from the book. Of June. Because she’s HILARIOUS and you should totally go look at her blog. But not when you’re trying to be quiet and not wake up your whole house, because you will laugh. A lot.

Big love to everyone who dropped by and left a word or two. I love you guys.

TLDR: No, seriously. I love you guys.


One Reply to “Hey you. Yes, you.”

  1. Hey, thanks for the shout out and congrats to everyone who made it, kudos to those who gave it a shot. There is always next year, right? I did enjoy what you wrote. 🙂


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